Economic Structure


Trossingen is located in the middle of the Winners’ Region Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, which has established a good reputation worldwide with its innovations. The location is extremely recommendable for entrepreneurs because it meets all requirements for a successful business development.

For decades, Trossingen was influenced by the musical instruments industry and Hohner. Today, Hohner is still one of the major employers in the town but the economic structure has developed into a stable mix of industries.

In Trossingen, the printing industry is well-developed with many competent printing companies being situated here; furthermore, there are several steel trading companies who take advantage of the proximity to the cluster of automotive-suppliers in the Heuberg region.

With TR Electronic GmbH, the biggest employer, the “electronic age” reached Trossingen.
In the metal-working sector there are grinding, turning, milling or punching companies, who are suppliers for the mechanical engineering, tool-making, automotive, aviation or medical-engineering industries. The medical-engineering cluster in Tuttlingen is only a few kilometers away.

The companies and businesses in Trossingen are affiliated in the local trade and commerce club, the advertising association “Trossingenactiv” and the community of interests for a customer-friendly town center.

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